Five Ideas for a Greener Business

Are you conscious of your business’ image? If so, you’re part of a growing number of business leaders who correctly realise that their companies’ green credentials are becoming increasingly important in 2021 and beyond.

No matter what it is that has motivated you to go on a quest for a greener business, whether you’ve taken inspiration from (or being made to feel guilty by) Greta Thundberg or whether the soothing speech of Sir David Attenborough has prompted you to take action, now is a fantastic time to transform your business for the greener.

Going green isn’t just for those businesses that carry out activities which obviously pollute, such as companies that run fleets of vehicles where it can be easy to find tweaks and changes that lower pollution. Going green applies to all businesses, even those which work in IT and have only remote employees, such as call centres and bingo sites. There are always adjustments that can be made and fine tuning that can be done to result in greener business.

Let’s kick things off by taking a look at five simple actions you can take to make your business activities more green.

Cut back on unnecessary energy usage

You should start by eradicating any obviously unnecessary wastage of energy, but assuming you’ve already done this, next you should be on the lookout for the more subtle wastage. Are your office lights being switched off at night? Do you shut down all your computers at the end of the day? Maybe you have unnecessary monitors running throughout the day which no one really pays attention to, or revolving doors that spin even when nobody is there?Read More »Five Ideas for a Greener Business