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Eco Pest Control – tips in getting rid of pests the eco friendly way

In this blog we will be giving you some Eco pest control tips that will help you get rid of or deter pests from you home without putting your health at risk.

We share our homes and gardens with these small and irritating intruders. They occupy our cupboards, beds, bedrooms, kitchens and gardens eating scraps and destroying our plants and vegetable patches. Our solution to this everyday problem is to buy an over-the-counter pesticide. These pesticides often contain chemicals, which are toxic to humans, animals and our precious environment. These chemicals often remain in the air and surfaces for days.

Eco Pest Control Tips:


Flies carry potential harmful diseases and germs that make us sick. They fly around carrying germs from your surfaces to foods.

  • Use eucalyptus oil wrapped in an absorbent cloth and left in areas where flies are a problem.
  • Make your own flypaper using syrup and sugar. Use strips of kitchen brown paper, coat the paper in syrup and sugar overnight and then hang up the strip with string or pins.
  • Citronella oil infused with mint leaves and left on window sill or doors will deter annoying flies coming into your home


These small creatures get everywhere in your food cupboard, on your food feeding on scraps etc.

  • Mint is another great deterrent. Place mint leaves in areas where ants are most active.
  • Cucumber peels – ants don’t like cucumber peels for some reason. Use cucumber peels to repel these nasty creatures.
  • Coffee beans left near the entrance of ant nests will also deter ants from leaving their nests.


Get rid of those biting critters that make you itch and scratch.

  • Almond oil and Orange oil– put some almond oil or orange oil in a spray bottle. This can be either applied directly to your own skin or on your pet. It can also be used as a preventative measure if applied lightly on carpets, bed linen and sofas.
  • ake your own flea trap – place water in a shallow pan, place the fan on the floor, shine a light on the pan. The fleas will be attracted to the warmth of the light ad will hopefully jump in the pan and drown.
  • Cedar shampoo – wash your pets with natural cedar shampoo.


Another pesky creature that will makes you itch and scratch.

  • Use Neem oil from the Neem tree in India. The Neem oil contains sallanin, an element that has been very effective in repelling mosquitos.
  • Another Eco pest control tip is to plant marigolds in the garden. Mosquitos and other bugs don’t like the smell that marigolds give off.
  • Thai lemon grass – trying to grow your own thai lemon grass. This grass has natural citronella. Break a few stalks off, crush in a bowel and apply to your skin. Having these plants in and around the house and garden will also repel mosquitos.


These very resilient creatures are everywhere nowadays. They are very hard to get rid of and can be found in most homes.

  • Cockroaches do not like garlic, coffee beans and cucumber slices. Place these items in areas where you trying to repel these nasty creatures.
  • Catnip is a great natural repellent. Catnip left in areas where there is cockroaches activity will stop them coming back. It can also be used in a spray by mixing water with the catnip and then spraying areas in the house where infestation has occurred.
  • Boric acid is another great way to get rid of roaches. Place some Boric acid on top of cupboards where Cockroaches like to live.

Slug and snails

These slimy creatures destroy our beautiful flowers and vegetable gardens.

  • Slugs and snails love beer. Put some beer in jar and place it in the middle of the your plants. The slugs love the smell, the will crawl and be too intoxicated to climb out and will eventually drown and die.
  • Use Eco friendly pellets. These aren’t harmful to humans or animals.
  • Lastly an Eco pest control tip is to have certain plants in the garden, which deter slugs and snails. Daffodils and Astrantia are examples of plants that slugs and snails dislike. Strategically placed around the garden this will repel those slimy creatures from destroying our beloved garden.

Try these Eco pest control tips and get rid of these unwanted critters while keeping our homes, environment and the ‘good’ creatures safe from toxic pesticides