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Eco Friendly Dating – green ideas and tips for dating

Eco Friendly Dating  – I have just come back from a date in central London with an awesome like-minded person who cares for the nature and the environment. (The date went very well if you are wondering ! ). While I was on this date I was thinking of a ways to make the date more Eco friendly, so without being too rude I jotted some tips on napkin. In this blog I will share some of the tips and ideas to make your dates more Eco friendly.

Go Green For Dating and impress your date with these eco friendly ideas. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or money.

Eco Friendly Dating – Ideas and Tips:

1)   Fetch her on a bicycle – bicycles are more Eco friendly and will emit less harmful gases into the atmosphere than cars.

2)   Turn off the lights – light some candles – Not only is this romantic but it will save electricity and it will save you a little money.

3)   Go organic or look for restaurants that buy’s produce from the local farmers market or buy sustainable goods. Not only are these foods healthier but also have lessor impact on the environment.

4)   Eco friendly dating can be fun! Do some Eco friendly volunteer work – take your date on a volunteer day out helping to clean the nearby forest, river or park.

5)   You and your Eco friendly date can have green fingers by planting some trees or a vegetable gardens. Get down and dirty in the garden.

6)   Go for a walk – Going for a walk is a perfect Eco friendly date. It provides plenty opportunity to get to know the person in setting that neutral and natural. If you are in a park it will give you endless talking conversation topics. Your conversations will just flow as you start to observer stuff in the park.

7)   Buy environmentally friendly gifts. Buy gifts that are sustainable, fair-trade and can be recycled.

8)   Start an art project together by using everyday items that you are recycling.