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Energy Conservation Method: Switch Over To Candle Light Bulbs

Candles are very much in trend once again since the holidays are coming.  Many are trooping to their local supermarkets to score those cinnamon gingerbread or apple cinnamon candles that activate the sensors and take people back to their favourite Christmas memories.  While these have the power to send people in a joyous holiday spell, more and more people are choosing something more practical and economical. After all, those baked pies, cookies and other pastries that make their way to all the dining celebrations of the season create a more pungent and authentic scent.

People are turning to candle light bulbs from the traditional wax and wick candles mainly for practical reasons.  Imagine having candles that can last your family up to twelve years even if you leave them “aflame” throughout the holiday season of every year; that’s definitely going to be loads of savings! Decorative candles are not cheap and if you use them often, not only do they get disfigures but they all melt to nothing in a matter of hours so that’s a lot of dollars that have turned into virtually nothing. Also, you would need to be really careful with the usual wax and wick (in some cases, oil) candles; you can’t leave the house with the flame on or place them near flammable objects like the Christmas tree, the wreath, the curtains to name a few.  Do so and all your possessions will be a pile of ashes when you return.

Switching to candle light bulbs, specifically LED ones, means that you can leave them on from the start of December until the celebration of the arrival of the Three Kings. That is, only if you want to.  Anyway, they can last 20,000 to 50,000 hours of use, so keeping them on the whole holiday season will not be problem.  You can even install them on your Christmas tree and other decorations because they do not heat up and their flickering glow really looks great and can even come in other holiday-appropriate colours like red, green and white.

The tiny portable battery-operated ones are known to stay aglow for 70 hours, making them not just a safe and versatile option but an earth-friendly one as well. Also, there are many manufacturers these days that place them in beeswax-looking containers for a completely traditional appearance which many consumers are greatly fond of. There are also some that incorporate music (usually Christmas carols or spooky tunes for Halloween) and scents to these modern electronic candles giving them even more edge over traditional candles.