Guilfest 2006


          GAIN’s message goes out loud & clear


Guilfest 2005


             Dylan White giving the crowd a message from GAIN


Guilfest 2004


             Guilfest stage


             Dylan White rallying support for GAIN’s campaign


Response to SEERA’s plans


             Burpham - 23 May 2004   


Guilfest 2003


             Dylan White delivering GAIN’s message


‘We are the Voice’ at Guilfest 2002




We are the Voice


Aleisha and Niamh giving it all


Burpham Primary School ‘backing group’


GAIN at Guildford Live


GAIN supporters enjoying the concert


Young hopefuls


Billy Bragg with GAIN supporters



Parliament – 18 June 2002


Campaigners with Sue Doughty MP on College Green


Guildford’s MP hosting the launch of Zero Waste


‘Moses’ carrying the tablet of the ‘Ten Waste Commandments’


County Hall – 7 December 2001


We have a decision


Where do I recycle this one


We’re not flagging


Do you think they heard me?


GAIN's message


Verbal Triptych?


GAIN and Friends





The ‘Monster’ that threatens our Cathedral.


From the local Burpham playground the proposed incinerator looms

like a supertanker out of all proportion with the houses.


As you run around the track at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre –

the incinerator will spread emissions through the air.


The conservation area by the wandering River Wey.
The white building (lower left) and surrounding land

would be replaced by the huge incinerator.


October 2000

The River Wey floods onto the Slyfield floodplain

beside the site of the proposed incinerator


The flooded river Wey at Stoke Lock showing the clear risk

to the proposed incinerator site from high water levels.





Rally in the Park – November 2000

Young supporters – protecting their legacy!!

Nick St Aubyn supporting the cause.

Entertaining the crowds.

Part of the crowd.

Colin Matthews – GAIN chairman