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o    Information


o    Tips on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs


o    Carbon Footprint Calculator








o    Key Facts – Local Government Performance 


o    Up Your Street – statistics and comparisons for your area


Campaign Websites


o    ARDLEY Against Incineration campaign site for the Ardley site in North Oxfordshire

o    BANWaste  Byker and Newcastle Waste Group

o    Basingstoke The Basingstoke Burner Action Campaign - Chineham incinerator (Hampshire).

o    BRAINS  Bucks Residents Against Incinerators – massive waste incinerators in south Bucks

o    CAIR  Campaign Against the Incineration of Refuse

o    Camberley – concern over SCC waste plans

o    CANK  Campaign Against the New Kiln - Flintshire 

o    Capel Action   Capel Action are fighting against an incinerator in Capel, Surrey

o    CHAIN Cheshire Anti-Incinerator Network 

o    CHASE Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment

o    CRACIN Coalition for Recycling and Against Coventry Incinerator

o    DOVE   Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary.

o    Farmers Campaign Local farmers against incineration in Norfolk

o    Global Anti-Incinerator Network (GAIA)

o    G-CAN  Guernsey Climate Action Network

o    GUERNSEY  Guernsey Campaign Against Incinerator

o    HOTI Hull & Holderness Opposing the Incinerator.

o    INCINERATOR ACTION - Opposing the Trumps Green Incinerator

o    Kemp Valley a pyrolosis gasification incinerator in Brockton, South Shropshire.

o    KLWIN King’s Lynn Without Incineration  

o    NAIL  Nottingham Against incineration and Landfill

o    NAIL2 Norfolk Against Incineration and Landfill

o    PAIN  People Against Incineration 

o    RATS  Residents Against Toxic Schemes

o    SCAI Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator in Oxfordshire

o    SchNEWS   Campaign information and assistance  

o    STIG - St.Dennis Incinerator Group, Cornwall

o    SWARD - Safety in waste and Rubbish Disposal

o    UK WIN  Network of groups opposing the expansion of waste incineration in the UK

o    Waste Busters – an environmental awareness campaign for schools

o    Warwickshire - Judkins site near Nuneaton town centre

o    WEN  Womens Environmental Network

o    Wealth from Waste   waste as a valuable resource

o    Wells Environmental Protection Group (WEPG)  -  fight against a pyrolysis co-incinerator on the outskirts of Wells, Somerset

o    Zero Waste Alliance Ireland   50 affiliated organizations and groups throughout Ireland



Local Organisations


o    Burpham Community Association

o    Dorking Chamber of Commerce

o    Egham  Chamber of Commerce

o    Elmbridge BC

o    Epsom & Ewell BC

o    Farnham Chamber of Commerce

o    Friends of the Earth – Guildford and Godalming Local Group

o    Guildford Ambient Green Picnic

o    Guildford Borough Council

o    Haslemere Chamber of Commerce

o    Merrow Residents Association 

o    Mole Valley DC

o    Reigate & Banstead BC

o    Runnymede BC

o    Spelthorne BC

o    Surrey County Council

o    Swap It Surrey – advertise your unwanted items free

o    Surrey Chambers of Commerce

o    Surrey Wildlife Trust

o    Surreyheath BC

o    Sustainable Surrey Forum

o    Tandridge BC

o    Waste Information for the County

o    Waverley BC

o    Woking BC




National Organisations


o    British Plastics Federation

o    CIWM  The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

o    Centre for Sustainable Design – interesting site with information on eco-friendly packaging designs

o    Council for the Protection of Rural England

o    DEFRA

o    Environment Agency

o    Environmental Protection Agency – (US) comprehensive assessment of the implications of different waste management options

o    Friends of the Earth

o    GOSE  - Government Office for the South East

o    Green Alliance

o    Greenpeace

o    Institution of Civil Engineers

o    J Sainsbury plc  - company and public environmental issues

o    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - Best Value Site (link to Key Facts for Guildford)

o    Parliamentary Internet Site Map – everything you ever wanted to know about Parliament ( plus MPs websites )

o    PAFA - The Packaging and Films Association

o    RSA – Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

o    SEERA – South East England Regional Assembly

o    WRAP - Waste Resource Action Programme




Waste Companies


o    Biffa Waste Services

o    Chambers Group – Guildford based

o    Energy from Waste Association

o    Estech Europe – autoclaving   

o    Incinerator Sites

o    Shanks Group plc

o    Surrey Waste Management

o    Thames Waste Management




Waste Management





Waste & Recycling (a selection from sites numbering hundreds of thousands)


o    AAA State of Play – American site with good advice on reducing plastic waste

o    Alupro – UK aluminium packaging recycling organisation

o    A Remarkable Website – pencils from drinks cups!!

o    ASSURRE – the Association for Sustainable Use and Recovery of Resources in Europe

o    British Aerosols Manufacturing Association

o    Cartridges4Charity - computer consumables aiding children’s charities

o    Community Recycling Network

o    Durat – recycled plastic work surfaces, moulded sinks, basins, etc.

o    Earth Machine Composter

o    ELCRP  East London Community Recycling Partnership 

o    Finding out about Water Pollution – UK rivers network

o    Green Cone – an 'environmental disposal unit for all food waste'

o    Guildford Borough Recycling Team

o    How to Recycle

o    National Household Hazardous Waste Forum

o    National Recycling Forum (NRF) –- recycled products list for bulk buyers

o    Plascanltd – a recycling device to crush both cans and bottles

o    Polyprint Mailing Films - recycle both printed and unprinted polythene wrappers and bags   

o    Project Integra – Hampshire's integrated waste management strategy



o    Re~Cycle – second hand bicycles and parts to less developed countries

o    Recycle More - find your nearest recycling centre and advice on recycling virtually anything

o    Recycling News - Waste Management and Recycling News from Recycling & Waste World

o    RECYCLE NOW  - more news on what to do and how to do it


o    RECOUP - the UK's household plastics recycling organisation.

o    Rethink Rubbish

o    Reuze – how, what and where to recycle in the UK

o    Safer Chemicals | related links

o    Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau

o    Swap It Surrey – advertise your unwanted items free

o    The Institute of Wastes Management

o    The Nappy Biz – the complete choice in cloth nappies

o    The Waste Book – a guide to recycling and better waste management

o    Tidy Britain group

o    UK Cartridge Recyclers Association – specialists in remanufacturing to their original condition used toners/inkjets – collection service for re–usable cartridges

o    UK Computer Recycling – for disposal of old computers and electronic equipment

o    Urban Mines – practical, sustainable and viable methods of managing the waste stream

o    Waste | related links

o    Waste Exchange UK

o    Waste Watch – working to protect the environment by advocating waste reduction, re–use and recycling

o    Where to buy recycled products

o    Wiggly Wigglers – worm assisted composting systems




Zero Waste (a selection from 205368 sites referring to Zero Waste)

o    Green Roots Recycling Network

o    Paul Connett on Zero Waste

o    Zero Waste Alliance

o    Zero Waste Alliance United Kingdom

o    Zero Waste Alliance Ireland - 50 affiliated organizations and groups throughout Ireland

o    Zero Waste America

o    Zero Waste - New Zealand

o    Zero Waste Lunch

o    Zero Waste Resources

o    Zero to Land

o    Zero Waste