Surrey’s Plans for Waste


Local authorities in Surrey produce a number of plans and strategies relating to planning and waste management: You will find more details of these plans below, along with links to relevant documents produced by GAIN, Surrey County Council, and Government Departments.


1.    Surrey Structure Plan  


This is a broad brush, strategic plan covering all aspects of planning. It sets out over-arching ground rules for waste "disposal" planning. Produced by Surrey County Council and can be found on the SCC web site. (updated 3/04)


It defines a framework of policies on land use planning within Surrey. It contains a wide range of strategic policies covering issues such as the environment (including a waste management policy), transport and housing.


It sets out in very general terms the ground rules for deciding how waste-related planning applications will be considered and what the County plans to do. It is used as a rulebook to help county planners decide what development will be earmarked in different parts of Surrey.


The existing Structure Plan, approved in 1994, guides the amount and general location of development until 2006.


A new version of the Plan called the “Deposit Draft” was produced in December 2002 and it is currently being reviewed. Members of the public had until 21 February 2003 to object. Take a look at GAIN’s concerns and GAIN’s model objection letter.  


Read GAIN’s press release for the week commencing 10 Feb 2003.



2.      Surrey Waste Local Plan


This is more detailed than the Structure Plan and deals specifically with waste. It sets out predictions of how much waste is expected, what the county will do to manage it and where it will provide "disposal" facilities. Produced by Surrey County Council and can be found on the SCC web site.


It sets out policies for the use of land associated with handling, storage, treatment and disposal of all waste produced within Surrey (plus imports from London, etc).


The plan must ensure that adequate capacity is available for household, commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste. This plan seeks encourage the move away from landfill towards alternative ways of dealing with waste, including mass-burn incineration. It is used as a rulebook to help county planners decide on planning applications for waste-related facilities within Surrey.


The approved plan known as “Surrey Waste Local Plan 1997” was adopted by the council in 1999 and covers the period up to 2005.


In Summer 2000 the County Council carried out a review of the existing 1997 waste plan, this was followed by public consultation on the main issues raised. Three technical papers were produced by the Council. No new draft plan has been produced at this stage.


The timetable for reviewing the Surrey Waste Local Plan has been altered to accommodate the need to develop a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy.


NB – The Surrey Waste Plan, The Preferred Plan 2005 was presented to the Executive Committee Tuesday 27 September 2005.

A formal public consultation was held 31 October to 11 December 2005


An Examination in Public of the Surrey Waste Plan is in progress with the final stage starting 25 June 2007


Inspectors Report to SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL 20 December 2007


Appendix A – Schedule of changes


3. Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy


Another type of plan, which has been added to ensure that the Districts and Boroughs (which collect waste) work together more closely with the county (which "disposes" of waste).


As stated on the SCC web site, this strategic framework will indicate, “broadly the arrangements and facilities required for handling and disposing of household waste in Surrey. This will help to inform the Surrey Waste Local Plan Review, which will plan for where these facilities will be best located.” Government believes that a much closer partnership is required between collection and "disposal" authorities if recycling and waste reduction initiatives are to be successful in tackling municipal waste.


The Strategy is being jointly developed by a group of Councillors and officers from all 11 District/Borough Councils in Surrey in conjunction with Surrey County Council


GAIN gave a presentation to this group on 6 February 2003.

Read GAIN’s speech and

GAIN’s request for services & facilities that could help us to achieve Government and EU recycling targets without the need for incineration.


Also read GAIN’s press release for the week commencing 10 Feb 2003.


This strategy will probably go out to public consultation in Autumn 2003, but this has not yet been decided.


4. Regional Waste Management Strategy 


A consultative draft strategy produced by the South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA) is under review by Borough and County committees and will have a potentially profound affect on Surrey’s plans. (see details)



For background information refer to Government guidelines for producing this kind of strategy.