The Surrey Local Government Association (SLGA) which includes all the Local Authorities in Surrey is currently consulting on options for dealing with the County's waste.  GAIN is urging residents to respond by voting in favour of option 'h', the only incinerator-free option being offered in the consultation.


GAIN advocates an incinerator-free approach based on waste minimisation, re-use, recycling and composting.  Option 'h' includes a number of the policies GAIN supports and represents a significant step forward.  The Environment Minister, Elliott Morley, has recently endorsed an incinerator-free approach to meeting the Governments waste targets.


GAIN firmly believes that residents want to keep Surrey incinerator-free as demonstrated by more than 80,000 objections to incinerators in the County.  Make sure the SLGA knows your views on this crucial issue.  Please complete the SLGA consultation response slip, which asks three questions.  GAIN recommends the following responses: -






GAIN's Recommended Response



Reason for Response


1.  Do you think we should aim to achieve a small number of large treatment facilities or a greater number of smaller ones?


Tick Box "A greater number of SMALLER facilities" with additional comment "if no incinerators".


GAIN believes that local facilities for re-use, recycling and composting are more likely to be used.  Adding  "if no incinerators" underlines the need for an incinerator-free approach and seeks to avoid the imposition of many small incinerators which may be exempt from the requirements for chimney emissions abatement equipment.



2.      Of the available/legal options, which do you favour?



Tick box "option 'h' with 60% recycling".


Option 'h' is the only incinerator free option being offered in the consultation.



3.      Do you support this package of key policies?



Tick box "strongly disagree" with additional comment "As the key policies include incineration".



The SLGA's proposed key policies advocate "recovery" which includes incineration.  This is completely unacceptable.




Please validate your response slip by completing it fully as set out below: -


Name:                                                Please enter your name clearly


Resident of:                                       Please enter your full address, including your post code.


Borough/District:                               Please enter the name of the Borough you live in.


Signature and Date:                         Please sign and date the response slip in the bottom left hand corner.


Please return your completed paper slip by post to: -


                                                Surrey Local Government Association,

                                                c/o Woking Borough Council,

                                                Civic Offices,

                                                Gloucester Square,


                                                Surrey   GU21 6YL


                                                (ideally with a copy to GAIN, c/o 5 Orchard Road,

                                                Burpham, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7JH)


Alternatively, you may either:


  1. email your response to -  or


  1. complete the boxes on the email form provided on GAIN’s website and send by clicking the ‘SUBMIT’ button.


(ideally, in either case, send a copy to GAIN's website administrator  -  HERE)




The deadline for responses is currently Friday 28th November 2003

GAIN is seeking an extension of this deadline.