“GAIN is delighted that Government is reviewing its waste plans because recycling and composting have improved so much that current targets are too low.  This is a real achievement for residents and councils who have worked so hard to show what can be achieved if the right recycling facilities are in place.


“We are also pleased that the Government is scaling down its plans for incinerators and sees them as a technology of last resort.  


“We now call on the Government to:


·        Go for an achievable 60% recycling and composting target

·        Build lots of in-vessel compost plants capturing the gas to make energy

·        Help local councils to set up food waste collections  

·        Scrap the 25% “recovery target”, which would be used as a smoke screen for incineration,

and allow local communities to determine the best way of avoiding unacceptable kinds of landfill.”


Colin Matthews


21 February 2006