Subject: Scrutiny Review of waste management by Surrey County Council's Environment & Economy Select Committee

Surrey County Council's Environment & Economy Select Committee: scrutiny review of waste treatment technologies and Surrey's waste management strategy.

The County Council's Environment & Economy Select Committee is carrying out two distinct waste related reviews in the next few months, and is inviting written evidence from a range of interested parties.  I am sending you this letter as you have been involved in the consultation on the Surrey Waste Plan.  If this particular area of work is not of interest to you I would be grateful if you could pass it on to any colleagues who may like to contribute to the process.

The two reviews are as follows:

Waste Treatment Technologies

This work will analyse the possible treatment technologies themselves, and will not include any reference to sites identified in the Surrey Waste Plan.

The review will focus on the potential health effects of different technologies, their environmental impacts and their economic viability including potential markets for outputs.

 Written evidence is requested by 6 April, and the Select Committee will meet on 24 and 25 April at County Hall from 10.30am.

Surrey's Waste Management Strategy

This review will look at the modelling work carried out to decide how many treatment facilities will be required, the justification of the choice of sites in the Waste Disposal Authority Action Plan and the impacts that these developments will have on local areas.

Written evidence is requested by 20 April, and the Select Committee will meet on 8 and 9 May at County Hall from 10.30am.

Both of these reviews will be evidence based, and are intended to give all stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to a very important piece of work.  Both reviews will involve the Committee in questioning an agreed list of witnesses, followed by discussion and deliberation regarding the written evidence submitted.  Interim reports will be produced following each review, and will be used as evidence when the Committee considers the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy at its meeting on 5 June.

All submissions can be sent to me at the address below.  Electronic submissions would be preferable, and all evidence will be passed onto Members of the Committee.

If you would be interested in appearing before the Committee to give oral evidence to either of these reviews, I would be grateful if you could indicate this on your submission.  If the Committee would like to hear more from you, I will contact you a week before the meeting to discuss arrangements.  All of these meetings will be in public and your attendance would be welcomed whether you are asked to answer questions by the Committee or not.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Many thanks


Matthew Smyth
Policy and Research Officer
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