We don’t want this anywhere, says campaign spokesman

Action group vows to fight ‘inevitable’ incinerator siting.

by Nicola Rider




The quiet village of Capel will be the site for a new incinerator.

After months of speculation and public consultation Surrey County Council has finally revealed Capel is its first choice for the waste facility.

In a statement released last week the council backed the village just south of Dorking town centre.

The statement said: "Two energy-from-waste facilities in Surrey will be developed, one to be located at Capel and one further site, to deal with waste which cannot be recycled."

Until the incinerator at Capel, can be built, the 600,000 tonnes of household waste in Surrey will be taken to an existing plant close to the county's borders.

But residents of the village are furious this decision has been made.

Dino Adriano, from the Capel Action Group, said: “This is only confirming what has been inevitable.

'But the residents of the village don't think much of this and we don't want it.

We, and that's Capel Action Group the parish council and Mole Valley District Council, are all one on this.  We don't want it.

'It's not just us who don't agree with Surrey County Council, several other borough and districts don't agree with them.

We hope to get this idea chucked out of the waste plan at the public inquiry which we think will be in February.

'We will be making very strong arguments against having an incinerator in Surrey and of course in Capel.  We don't want this anywhere.'

But David Munro, executive member for environment at the county council, said: 'It is important that we prepare ourselves for the necessary shift in focus on the way we manage our waste in Surrey

'The changes to our waste contract put us in a position to take forward improvements in waste management, in light of the emerging messages coming out of the consultations.

They enable us to deliver quickly on the shared aspirations of increased recycling and the imperative to move away from landfill.'

The announcement came as the council revealed it is making changes to its 25-year agreement with Surrey Waste Management, the company that disposes of the area's household waste.

As well as providing new waste facilities, this will include changing the financial arrangements between the companies and updating the contract timetable.

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