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Dear Sir/ Madam,





I would like my comments to be taken into account in Surrey's Waste Local Development Framework Consultation by means of this letter rather than by having to register to send my comments in online. You may treat my letter as a response to Issues Paper 4 Question 9 ("What modifications, if any would you like to see in Policy 5") for inclusion in the relevant comment box.


I am particularly concerned by the proposed policy 5 in Issues Paper 4, which says that planning permissions involving thermal treatment (such as incinerators) will normally be granted subject to some conditions.


I do not support the recommendation that it would be the best option for Surrey to incinerate waste, and possibly also waste pellets. I am very troubled that this recommendation is buried in background papers (A BPEO report produced by consultants used by Surrey Waste Management and which GAIN considers appears to change the weightings used to favour incineration).


We have had so many consultations on waste over the last few years. Each time there has been overwhelming public opposition in Surrey to incineration. There have now been over 80,000 objections to incineration in Surrey.


Many residents were heartened when Surrey's Districts and County offered us an incinerator free "option h". We were told it is feasible to deal with our waste without incineration. Surrey's lead Councillor, Andrew Crisp, gave interviews about avoiding incineration. Only a few weeks ago Surrey's new lead Councillor, David Davis, told a GAIN meeting that he did not believe we would have incinerators in Surrey, at least not for many years.


This makes it all the more bewildering that the Council has issued a statement saying incineration is its preferred option and is offering us a pro incinerator plan. It undermines the credibility of this consultation to tell us you intend to incinerate before you have heard our comments and in spite of all our unanswered concerns. I also think the Council should declare its preferred sites for incinerators as part of the consultation.


I remain opposed to incineration and to treatment that produces waste pellets for burning. I would like to support the feasible alternatives based on high recycling and composting with Anaerobic Digestion as part of Mechanical and Biological Treatment to reduce and make safe residual waste. I cannot support a Waste Framework that involves incineration and I am very disappointed that the Council does not appear to be listening to and working with residents who have worked so hard to try to make their views known in a constructive way.


Yours sincerely,






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