Draft Surrey Structure Plan

(What’s it about and why is there an incinerator threat?)


Surrey County Council is in the last stages of producing a Structure Plan, which decides what development, will be earmarked in different bits of Surrey.  (We have until 21 Feb to comment) 

It includes a Waste Management policy. It sets out in very general terms the ground rules for deciding how waste applications will be considered and what the County plans to do.


GAIN is worried that the Draft Plan will make it easier for a developer to get permission for an incinerator at Slyfield.  Letters from residents opposing the wording in the new plan could prevent this danger. GAIN has drafted a letter it is inviting residents to sign, which "objects" to the waste proposals in the plan and sets out reasons.


The grounds for concern are







What do we want?


A plan that avoids incineration and moves away from untreated landfill.


A plan that is serious about reducing the amount of waste we produce and about encouraging recycling and composting.


A plan that does not dump "regional" waste on Surrey.



One letter from GAIN is unlikely to have much impact but if many residents support us we have a much stronger chance of getting the plan changed. If you feel able to sign a letter, thank you for your support


The letter is technical because we hope that will have more impact on the inspector who will consider residents concerns at an examination in public. (It has to deal with waste polices in general and not just Slyfield.)            


If would be a great help if you could send us your details and/or email address if you send in a letter directly rather than signing it at one of our stalls.  Many thanks.


[ Letters of objection were required to be submitted by 21 February 2003 – GAIN model letter ]