Dear Candidate,


Surrey County Council's Waste Policies


I am writing to you as a candidate in the election on 5th May 2005 because I would like to know your views on how Surrey should deal with its waste. I am looking for a candidate who will work to:-


        avoid incineration and other burning options


        promote the phasing out of landfill that has not been sorted and treated to make it less reactive and to remove materials that can be recycled


        maximise reduction, reuse, recycling and composting


        introduce doorstep collection of separated materials to be recycled including plastics, food and quality paper


        develop a closed vessel compost plant with gas capture in every district


        establish a network of Community Recycling Centres to replace Civic Amenity Sites and serve as focal points for recovering resources


        sort out the waste contract so that it delivers waste facilities based on biological not thermal treatment and on high recycling


        overturn Surrey's waste policy of 2004 which declares that incineration is currently the county council's favoured disposal option.


There have now been over 82,000 objections to incineration in Surrey. Feasible options that avoid burning yet meet targets have repeatedly come out as the best options in environmental appraisals and public consultations. I feel that it would amount to a failure of democracy if Surrey continued to promote incineration after the election. I'd be very grateful if you could let me know your position on these issues.


Yours faithfully,







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